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Hot Game Magnet: Board game reviews

Jun 30, 2021

June came and went pretty fast. As have a lot of great looking games on Kickstarter. This week we have a look at a few of those games that are still going and that you may want to back. There's something for everyone. Honestly, I'm tempted to back all five games, but I probably wont. Maybe. I shouldn't. LOL!

Jun 17, 2021

I'm a sucker for bright colors and gonzoid themes. Crash Octopus from Itten Games does not disappoint. It's a light-hearted dexterity game that is just challenging enough. Set up is easy and game play has a built-in time limit using a round tracker. Oh man! I just love that giant pink octopus.

Jun 4, 2021

This week I got to speak with the designer of one of our all time favorite games. Actually, we talk about this game all the time and use it as a bench mark when discussing other games. If you haven't guessed already the game is Feudum, and the designer is Mark Swanson. I got to find out about how Mark goes about...