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Hot Game Magnet: Board game reviews

Sep 14, 2020

In this week's episode I speak with Brian Fisher from Kickstarter game Boss Babe. This game is different than anything we've ever seen before. It isn't so much a game, it's more like a statement against multi-level marketing companies, and how they have taken a hold of some of our nearest and dearest. It's funny and it's satire and it's not at all heavy. I'm not sure if Brian is a genius or has just tripped too far down a rabbit hole, but this game might be just the gateway game that some of you all need to channel your energy from talking about shampoo to joining our board game table. The branding is slick and the punch line is on, so if you are looking to introduce someone special to a lifestyle of social interaction check this out. And if you're not interested, I suggest you listen anyway, as this is the edgiest show I've done.