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Hot Game Magnet: Board game reviews

Nov 7, 2023

We are always on the lookout for boardgames that the kids can enjoy. It's so important to find ways to engage with them and draw them away from wanting to spend all their time watching Youtube or playing video games. 

Fuzzlets looks like a fun and easy to learn game that on it's own merits will porbably be a winner with the family. However, where it realy shines is it's unique use of generative AI to allow backers of the project to make high quality custom artwork using there own drawings. I know my kids will love this and I'm exceted to see how well the technology works.

This week I speak with one of the creators of Fuzzlets, Fabrice Nadjari of Mini Studio. He has some really interesting ideas about the future of AI and custom print to order games. He also speaks about the origin of Fuzzlets and Mini Studio, as well has his plans for the future of the company.