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Hot Game Magnet: Board game reviews

Aug 29, 2019

For the first time we discuss the development of our very own game! There have been a lot of ups downs and "ah ha" moments, (not to mention all those "oh sh*t moments).

So this week will be the first in what we hope to be a monthly journal of our progress that will culminate in the launch of our first game (working...

Aug 18, 2019

Can one ever truely kill enough of the undead? Maybe, but we certainly haven’t found the upper limit for dice chucking zombie mahem. Zombicide Invader is the latest reimagining of CMON’s most popular  franchise, in which players get to visit a whole new world and massacre it’s mold infected populace.

New art, a...

Aug 8, 2019

This week we talk about Trudvang Legends, Cool Mini or Not's(CMON) latest game that is live on kickstarter, and the roller coaster ride of emotions that backing on kickstarter can inspire. 

How does one decide to spend $100 or more on a game that they have never played and wont see for at least a year? What...