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Hot Game Magnet: Board game reviews

Feb 13, 2024

Century: Golem Edition is a re-themed version of Century: Spice Road set in the world of Caravania. In Century: Golem Edition, players are caravan leaders who travel the famed golem road to deliver crystals to the far reaches of the world.

We recently had the opertunity to play this popular reimplementation of Century:...

Oct 10, 2023

It's generally frownded upon in civilized society to make your pets fight other peoples pets for entertainment. Their are a few exceptions, like pokemon, or when you have multiple suitors. Another exeption is Kabuto Sumo. 

In Kabuto Sumo, you battle for supremacy in the ring with your own pet bettle wrestler. The...

Sep 26, 2023

One bit of warning. If you are hoping to play a game about saving the forest from fire, then this is not that game at all. Your goal is basically the opposite, and you win by spreading the fire as much as you can to burn up every other player's fire tower and be the last player left alive.

It's actually very fun! LOL!

Sep 12, 2023

When I was a kid I used to pretend that I was a mad scientist and I used my science skills to make insain monsters. All for the greater good of Humanity of course. I recently discoverered Campy Creatures, a game about pretty much exactly that. I was imediately attracted to the cool retro-style artwork and the evil...

Aug 15, 2023

Sometimes the simplest games are the ones you play the most. Viking See-Saw is a new game from Itten Games and game designer Dr. Reinerkunitia. I'm a big fan of this Japanese boardgame company. They make beautiful small games that are deceptively simple and surprisingly fun. Viking See-Saw is the first game from their...