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Hot Game Magnet: Board game reviews

Mar 27, 2019

Today we are super excited to bring you our review of Zombicide. Zombicide was one of the first board games we really got into and is so influential in our game choice and ability- does that make sense? Like I know how to play games, based on how they compare to Zombicide.

If you don’t know about Zombicide, I’m not sure where you have been hiding. But here is the basic gist of this game- “If you like killing fictional hordes of zombies (and really you would probably be in the minority if you didn’t) you will love Zombicide.”

If you love lots of miniatures covering your board games, you will love Zombicide.

I suspect gamers who don’t love Zombicide are the ones who have played it too much it doesn’t hold as much love for them anymore.

Our scores:

Alison 4/5 Hot Game Magnets

Justin 3/5 Hot Game Magnets